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Big Ideas for a Net-Zero Future.

Electricity Pylons in silhouette in sunrise

Produced by Oppidium for the Energy Research Accelerator (ERA), this short series of podcasts supports their ambitious 'Big Ideas' proposal.

The proposal is for world class, cutting edge, university and industry based Research to put the UK Midlands at the heart of energy innovation in the UK and internationally.

Download the Oppidium "Introduction to Podcasting for academic Research Communications".


Complementing other materials the 4 podcasts present the information in:

  • short summary, delivered in 8 mins. for listeners who are short on time, or who want a quick introduction to the proposed Big Ideas.

  • interview format, using a descriptive approach to why each of the Big Ideas were chosen.

  • a second interview format, to introduce and describe the Cross-Cutting themes linking the Big Ideas.

  • a full version, with both the Big Ideas and the Cross-Cutting themes included.

Each version varies in length and is designed according to the time the listener has available.


All versions have the same introduction including clips from Greta Thunberg, António Guterres (United Nations Secretary-General) and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson each speaking about climate change or clean energy. This helps set the Research proposal in an urgent, real-world context.


Short Summary. (8 mins)

Interview Format - Big Ideas. (26 mins)

Interview Format - Cross-Cutting Themes (17 mins)

Full Version. (42 mins)


The Big Ideas summary, interview and full version are with ERA Director Professor Martin Freer.

The Cross-Cutting themes interview and full version are with ERA Programme Director Faye McAnulla.


The Energy Research Accelerator draws on the expertise and world-class facilities of the Midlands Innovation group of universities – Aston, Birmingham, Cranfield, Keele, Leicester, Loughborough, Nottingham and Warwick, plus the British Geological Survey.

They are funded by Innovate UK, with match funding and support supplied by a range of industrial partners who are working with them on a range of projects across the UK Midlands.


Download the Oppidium "Introduction to Podcasting for academic Research Communications".

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