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Digital Learning, e-Learning, Active Blended Learning.


Director of Digital Learning company Spokes Education, Phil Spokes, primary school teacher Grant Malloch and Head of Learning Technology at The University of Northampton, Rob Howley make up the panel to discuss "Digital Learning".

An area that had been growing steadily for a number of years suddenly became crucial during the pandemic lock-downs of 2020/21.

Ken is joined by Phil, Grant and Rob to look at Digital Learning from the three different perspectives of a private provider, a primary school educator and from within a university. They discuss what is meant by Digital Learning, how each of them use it, whether there are any "cons" alongside the "pros" and what, if any, of the practices that have been adopted during the lock downs, will potentially continue when restrictions are lifted.

This is an introductory view of Digital Learning, some podcasts in future will investigate this in greater depth.

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