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View from the Students - Advertising & Digital Marketing


Interview with three graduates from the University of Northampton's Advertising & Digital Marketing BA (Hons) degree course.

Katie Rushmer, Billy Little and Henry Brown join Ken to share their experiences of the course and their individual journeys to university and beyond.

Katie, Billy and Henry also produce the #AdStudents podcast on YouTube and they talk to Ken about setting this up and some highlights from the first season.

This is an inspiring and really useful interview especially if you're considering university (or know someone who is) and you're trying to decide what to study.

If you're wondering if university is even a route available to you because you think you don't have the 'right' background or grades, this discussion could really help.

It's useful for prospective students, parents/guardians and teachers.

Billy, Henry and Katie will be joining the podcast in future to share their thoughts and experiences of the digital world. This is an introduction to them.

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